Beginning 2011 with a Win

Well, I actually found out about this at the end of 2010, but now it’s official. My story “No Harm Done,” which is a long-ish scene from my second novel, won third place in the Shaking Like a Mountain 2010 Fiction Open.

From the beginning of November until the end of December was a period of frenzied contest-entering for me. I submitted various pieces to probably twenty competitions, large and small. This one caught my eye because the subject of the magazine, and the contest, is music. I realized I had a pivotal scene in my novel that took place in the back of a guitar store at a jam session, so I decided to see if I could revise it to be a stand-alone story. The judge apparently felt I was at least successful enough for third place.

This was the very first contest I entered during the frenzy, on October 31, so I’m hoping it’s just the beginning of a long string of wins ;-)

Seriously, though, if you have any stories or poems with musical themes or settings or some connection to contemporary music (of any kind), submit something to Shaking Like a Mountain.

4 thoughts on “Beginning 2011 with a Win”

  1. I just realized, I think you reviewed my book, Days of the Endless Corvette, before we met at Sewanee. Did you write a review for Goodreads?

  2. I bought your book at Sewanee. I posted it on my Goodreads shelf, but not with a review. It’s about all I can do to remember to post that I’ve read a book. You want me to remember enough of what I read to write a review?

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